Planned training to improve level of play and fitness, and specific competition-period training to increase confidence, are necessary to progress in tennis. According to the article "Before a match, plug into confidence mode" by Brigitte Simon in her blog Brigitte Simon, Sport et nutrition, these types of training and mental attitude can be very beneficial.

Connecting to the drive


Training too hard can damage confidence. Sessions with a teacher/coach are designed to raise technical, tactical and physical levels and to get you out of your comfort zone; however, they can lead to a lack of success and frustration. Accumulating successes is necessary to develop confidence, so supplement your training program with sessions geared to this objective.

Training in confidence mode

In this second mode, you have to accept your shots, congratulate yourself on the good ones and encourage yourself on the bad ones.

How do you set up this trust mode?

It's important to alternate training sessions with confidence-building sessions during the sporting season. Playing with a partner at your own level or slightly less strong can help you to take on the game successfully and find release between points. In addition, it's essential to take advantage of demanding sessions to make progress. For more practical information on tennis and nutrition, visit Brigitte Simon's website.