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- "GTC": the present General Terms and Conditions of Sale applicable to the "VIP" accounts.
- "VIP" or "User": natural person who has subscribed to the use of the services provided by "Bestofpronos"
- "Subscription Contract" or "Subscriptions" contractual whole constituted by the present GTC.
- "Bestofpronos": the internet site which provides the services presented in the GTC
- "The Site": the internet site which provides the services presented in the GTC
- "Elements": any support (logo, web site, audio/video files...) present on the Site


The user of the Site acknowledges:
- Being over 18 years of age
- Having the skills and means necessary to access and use the Site
- Having verified that the electronic configuration used does not contain any viruses and that it is in perfect working order
- The simple use of the Site implies unreserved acceptance of the present conditions of use (the "GTC").
- These GTC remain in effect for the entire duration of the Site's operation and may be modified at any time.
- Any use of the "VIP" service after the entry into force of the modifications to the "subscription contract" implies acceptance by the client of the new "subscription contract".

- Being a professional sports bettor

- that the sports betting tips given by Bestofpronos do not guarantee you to generate profits. Sports betting is still a game of chance.


The harel company operates the Site
The information, services, brands, logos and various distinctive signs appearing on the Site (the "Elements") are protected by intellectual property law; these Elements are the property of or are the subject of an authorization of use emanating from the holders of the intellectual property rights.
Consequently, the users of the Site can only download the Elements contained therein for strictly private purposes. Any extraction, reuse, reproduction, total or partial, of information contained on the Website for other purposes than private use without prior written authorization is forbidden.
Any unauthorized reproduction of any element protected by copyright, accessible on the Website, is forbidden, under penalty of civil and/or penal sanctions, in accordance with the provisions of article L. 122-4 of the Code of intellectual property (unless this reproduction is exclusively reserved for a strictly private use)
At no time can bestofpronoset and/or its subsidiaries be held responsible for indirect damages resulting from the use or the interpretation of the information, of the documentation made available on the Website, whether it is within the framework of an action in contractual or criminal liability and this, even if it was informed of the possibility of the occurrence of such indirect damages.
The use of the Site and the services being reserved to private individuals, the harel company could not be held responsible for a use of this Site or the service in another context.
The hypertext links present on the Site towards other sites, in a general way, towards any resource available on Internet could not engage the responsibility of bestofpronos.


Bestofpronos does not give any express or implicit guarantee concerning the exploitation of its Site, the contents and the proposed advice. The provision of services creates only obligations of means for Bestofpronos, to the express exclusion of any obligation of results. Bestofpronos offers a daily list of different predictions. The user is the only one responsible for his choices, to play them as he likes. Bestofpronos is not responsible for any decisions made by a third party. These lists of predictions are indicative. In particular, Bestofpronos does not guarantee in any way that it operates its Site in an uninterrupted manner and/or without error, anomaly or bug. Bestofpronos makes every effort to keep its Site accessible 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, but is not obliged to do so. Bestofpronos can interrupt the access to the Site, in particular for maintenance, for updating or for any other reason, in particular technical. Bestofpronos does, however, do its best to guarantee the availability of the service when access to its Site is not interrupted for one of the reasons mentioned above. Bestofpronos does not guarantee the correctness and completeness of the paid and unpaid information on its Website. Bestofpronos reserves the right to suspend its obligations or to terminate the subscription by right, without delay, without compensation and without any other formality than an email notification in the following cases: - In case of force majeure - In case of termination of the contract at the customer's expense - Non-compliance with the T&Cs - In case of unauthorized copying of any content from " " - In case of sharing of the customer's identifiers to any person or in free distribution to community services - Any complaint relating to an invoice must be sent by email to within eight calendar days after its receipt. At the expiration of this time no more complaint will be admissible. Bestofpronos does not assume any responsibility for indirect damages caused by the use of the "VIP" service and will not be held responsible to repair these indirect damages such as: financial prejudice. The client of the " VIP " service must not and cannot in any way share his login information with the " " site and has no right to reproduce the services provided on any physical or electronic medium such as an internet site. Any other offer coming from any other email, or any postal mail, registered or not, in our names would be a forgery with impersonation. Bestofpronos reserves the right to exclude or forbid access to any user showing disrespect towards the administrator or any other member (insults, bad behavior)


Any person registered on the Site will not, under any circumstances, unless expressly requested to do so, have his or her contact information disclosed to third parties.


The VIP registration is not free, the price indicated on the Site may change without notice. The purchase is immediate and will not be reimbursed except under the conditions of withdrawal. The access to the site is paying for a subscription for three weeks, for two months, one year or for life. The services provided are paying and the site uses the payment mods: - Paysafecard - Paypal - credit card The cancellation of a subscription will not give rise to the reimbursement of the paid invoice.


The right of withdrawal applies to the provision of services with the exception of contracts for the provision of services if the execution has begun with the consent of the consumer before the end of the period of 14 working days. This withdrawal is applicable only for people who have paid via Paypal, to withdraw, the customer must manifest by opening a dispute with paypal for non-conforming object, at most 14 working days after the subscription to services. If the customer has made the payment via Paypal, he will be refunded directly to the Paypal account with which he made the payment. In case of retraction, the customer will be responsible for the reimbursement costs - No reimbursement through paysafecard or bank transfer is possible because the bank fees are higher than the subscription fees of the Site


In the event that any of the provisions of these GTC are deemed invalid by virtue of a legal or regulatory provision or a court decision having the force of res judicata, this provision shall be deemed unwritten, all other provisions retaining their binding force.


The present GTC are subject to French law.